Sacralizing Security: Religion, Violence and Authority (SACRASEC) ERC Consolidator Project

Project members



Jolien van Veen
PhD Candidate
Jolien's research examines the interplay between religion, security, and authority in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Whereas by law Brazil is a secular state, in practice religion occupies an important role in the organization of public life. Furthermore, non-state actors such... Read more
Zaki Arrobi
PhD Candidate
In the SACRASEC project, Zaki’s research seeks to interrogate the changing landscape of religious and political authority in the urban landscape of Jakarta, Indonesia. It takes the transformation of a religious vigilante group, Front Pembela Islam/FPI (Islamic Defenders’ Front), in... Read more
Murtala Ibrahim
Murtala Ibrahim is researching religion, security, and local vigilantism in Jos and Lagos, Nigeria. He is interested in religion in the public sphere, religion and visual culture as well as material religion. Murtala Ibrahim hailed from the city of Jos,... Read more
Andy Fuller
Andy Fuller gained his PhD at the University of Tasmania, Australia, through his research on the urban literature of Indonesian author, Seno Gumira Ajidarma. He has published on contemporary Indonesian literature, religious freedom and football fandom. Read more
Meeuwke Kant
Project Assistant
Meeuwke is researching radical commitments to 'human-ness' as related to citizenship practices among conspiracy theorists in The Netherlands. She is currently enrolled in the cultural anthropology research-master program at the University of Utrecht.